BMS 2016

Battery Management System

BMSafe (original project name) is a multi-chemistry battery management system designed for safety critical systems like EVs. It uses a master/slave topology communicating via a high speed CAN link. PCBs are designed in Eagle, code is written in C, IDE used is CodeWarrior, and ICs are Freescale and Linear.

  • up to 12 cells per slave module
  • 12 thermistors inputs per slave (for temperature measurement)
  • Isolated High Speed CAN 2.0 Communication
  • Passive balancing auxiliary circuit
  • Cell voltage range: 0 to 5V
  • Easy slave connectivity (daisy-chain)
  • Accumulator isolation relay control
  • Compatible with Brusa NLG5 chargers (CAN controlled charging)
  • Many security features and plausibility checks
  • Slaves are directly powered by the cells
  • Master can be powered by an external voltage source from 7 to 36V


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