Dash 2016

The dashboard is a module designed to communicate relevant informations to the driver, such as the state of charge of the batteries, the speed of the car and any errors that might occur in the system, while allowing him to activate certain functions such as traction control. Moreover, this module will gather various relevant informations about the different modules present in the car by listening on the CAN (Controller Area Network) communication. It will then send this information to the team through Wi-Fi to analyse the car’s performance in order to fine tune various parameters, improve design or driving techniques. In addition to gathering and sending relevant messages received over CAN, the dashboard also collects data by itself. Indeed, a GPS (Global Positioning System) as well as an accelerometer and a gyroscope have been installed on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). A speed sensor also hooked to the front wheels also provides useful information about the car. Finally, an SD card (Secure Digital) enables data logging, preventing any loss of data. This compact system is packed with functionality and will greatly improve our team’s ability to tweak the performance of our car and guide future design.

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